Easter Monday 2024

Happy Easter Monday (or Monday of the Angel) everyone!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? This blog is littered with posts where I claim that “wow, it’s been a while” and I say I’m going to do some updating. Is this going to be yet another addition to that pile or will this be the beginning of something different?

All I know is that while I am not getting much traction in other areas of my life, one where I am definitely getting some is with my writing. If that’s the case, when people are going to look for me, they’re going to end up here. Right now, when you end up here, dear reader, you see a sadly out of date Word Press site.

I am going to post something every weekday this week, and give you an update on my writing, and some ideas about what I will be writing about. There will also be some general tinkering to make everything look more presentable.

What the site looked like today.

New Look for 2020

I repaired this toaster. I’m repairing this website.

I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again- I’m refreshing this website. This time, however, I have decided to focus on writing about a particular topic rather than being a personal blog/website/ineffective marketing tool.

Details to follow.

Back in business

Hello everyone! The site was down for a few weeks because, well, it was hacked. How and why, I’m not sure (yet). Rest assured, this brief interlude has made me aware of a) how much I missed this site, and b) how much more I need to learn about my own online security. This is one of the subjects I will be expounding upon now that I have my virtual soapbox up and running again.

August 25, 2017

After months of inaction, I have started to write again. I can’t expect to train for and run a marathon if I run for a few days, then stop and not run for several months. This is my homepage when I open my browser. I usually don’t even look at it or guiltily click by it and pretend not to notice the Christmas 2016 post where I said I would finish it this year.

The fact is, when I write, I feel better. When I don’t, I feel like I have wasted a day.

So what’s it going to be? Are you a writer or not?

Christmas 2016

Hello dear reader,
I’m posting because I’m sick of seeing my dead blog stare me in the face each time I open my browser. I am spending Christmas this year in Colorado. Next Christmas I will have completed the novel I am working on and will have it available for sale.

When you write something on your blog, you are committing to doing something in front of the entire world. So here I am, committing to publishing a novel in the next 364 days!


I am embarking on an overhaul of this website. The goal is to make it about my writing (fiction and non-fiction) in general rather than strictly advertising my services as a freelance writer. I have a couple of stories that are in various stages of production, and there are a few Doctor Who-related blog posts that I have been meaning to write.

I have been watching “Trial of a Timelord” for the first time in 20 years and it has been a revelation. I have been meaning to do a 6th Doctor retrospective, so this is a great place to start.

I will share more about the fiction I am writing as well.

In the meantime, I wanted to put the blog back on the front page where it belongs.

New Batch of Articles for Northwest Catholic


This week two new articles were posted on the recently updated Northwest Catholic website:
Organist honored for fifty years of liturgical music-making: A parish in Federal Way, WA celebrated the amazing milestone of their wonderful organist.
Evangelizing ‘green:’ Our Lady of Guadalupe parish adds solar panels: A parish in West Seattle is way ahead of the curve when it comes to saving energy- and money.

I now have a pretty decent group of articles for Northwest Catholic. Check out my Portfolio page for the complete list.

I have been having a great time writing these articles as well. The people who I have been interviewing are all committed Catholics who are out there in the world trying to make a difference. Hearing their stories is really inspiring and made me think long and hard about what I could be doing to help. Perhaps writing is my vocation…

Site Redesign Complete + Future Plans

Greetings and salutations! If you have been a regular reader of this blog or at least a regular visitor to this site, you may have noticed that it has been completely redesigned.
My main goals for the remodel were to:
1) Make the site about my writing, and
2) Pick a WordPress theme that was mobile-friendly. It’s pretty simple as far as whiz-bangery goes, but the focus of the site is the content not the graphics. There will be slight tweaks as I create more content, but I expect to keep this theme for a while.

As for this blog, I promise to post on a regular basis when I have an interesting idea for an article. Most of my blogging focus in the near term is going to be on the Infogration Consulting blog where I am going to expound upon and define the idea of “infogration.”

Let me know what you think of the redesign- thanks!

2013 New Year’s Plans

As this is my first post for 2013, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce to the world my writing goals for 2013:

-Finish My Second Novel: The main project I will be working on this year is finishing the manuscript for my second novel about an outbreak of an alien virus in Seattle. I have been writing it since November 2011 (it started as an unofficial NaNoWriMo project) and initially was my attempt to write my Great American Zombie Novel but has grown quite a lot since then. I will be talking about it periodically in this space.

-Get My Work Out There: Whether it is a blog post, an opinion column, a feature, a short story, or my novel(s), I want to cultivate a wider audience in 2013. That not only means being prolific, but getting out there on the writer’s playing field pitching and submitting things in order to get published. It’s not writing if nobody reads it!

-Regular Posts: What’s the point of a blog with sporadic new content? I want to maintain a regular publishing schedule in this space (as well as on my Infogration Consulting blog), and in that spirit, will post 2 new articles a week for the next 3 months. If I can maintain that schedule, I may expand. First things first, however. If you don’t see any new content, demand it!