Ora et Labora

My article about Our Lady of the Rock Monastery, a community of Benedictine nuns was the cover story in the July/August 2015 print edition.

Here’s a link to the online version of the story- Ora et Labora: On Shaw Island, Benedictine nuns share lives of work, prayer and hospitality

When I first contacted Northwest Catholic about writing for them, I pitched this story idea. After writing a bunch of online articles for them, they decided to let me write the story.

I had came across the monastery a couple of years ago when searching for Benedictine communities in Washington state. They sounded really interesting, but I never really had a reason to go to Shaw Island. My wife, daughter and I went for an afternoon visit last summer as part of a vacation to the San Juan Islands and I returned earlier this year to get more background for my article. It is a beautiful, holy place. I was glad to hear that the Mothers liked my article and I hope to visit them again soon.

New Batch of Articles for Northwest Catholic


This week two new articles were posted on the recently updated Northwest Catholic website:
Organist honored for fifty years of liturgical music-making: A parish in Federal Way, WA celebrated the amazing milestone of their wonderful organist.
Evangelizing ‘green:’ Our Lady of Guadalupe parish adds solar panels: A parish in West Seattle is way ahead of the curve when it comes to saving energy- and money.

I now have a pretty decent group of articles for Northwest Catholic. Check out my Portfolio page for the complete list.

I have been having a great time writing these articles as well. The people who I have been interviewing are all committed Catholics who are out there in the world trying to make a difference. Hearing their stories is really inspiring and made me think long and hard about what I could be doing to help. Perhaps writing is my vocation…