Easter Monday 2024

Happy Easter Monday (or Monday of the Angel) everyone!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? This blog is littered with posts where I claim that “wow, it’s been a while” and I say I’m going to do some updating. Is this going to be yet another addition to that pile or will this be the beginning of something different?

All I know is that while I am not getting much traction in other areas of my life, one where I am definitely getting some is with my writing. If that’s the case, when people are going to look for me, they’re going to end up here. Right now, when you end up here, dear reader, you see a sadly out of date Word Press site.

I am going to post something every weekday this week, and give you an update on my writing, and some ideas about what I will be writing about. There will also be some general tinkering to make everything look more presentable.

What the site looked like today.

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