21st Century Viking: Why McDermott Must Debate Bemis

Here’s my latest 21st Century Viking article for the Ballard News-Tribune on the “race” for the 7th Congressional District (WA) seat. McDermott has so far managed to duck having to formally debate his current challenger, independent/Blue Republican Ron Bemis, a tradition he has carried on for at least the last four elections. We will know in a couple of weeks whether his constituents (some of whom are new to the 7th CD) reflexively vote him in once again or whether he will be called on his shenangians.

The 21st Century Viking Lives!

In 2008, I started writing freelance articles for my local newspaper, the Ballard News-Tribune and writing a column that I called “The 21st Century Viking” in honor of my (Finnish) and Ballard’s Scandinavian heritage.

At the time, I was trying to kick my writing career into a higher gear while applying to grad school at the same time. I got into grad school, the demands of homework and projects kicked in. The freelancing and 21st Century Viking columns dwindled for awhile, but never truly died. Once during a random conversation it came up that I was the 21st Century Viking. The person told me how much they liked the columns and asked when I was going to do another.

Well, here we are a couple of years later. Grad school is over with, I’m married and ready to really, actually kick my writing career into high gear.

Earlier this summer I did my first article in a long time for the BNT, which was an interview with Ryan Gabriel, a primary candidate for one of Ballard’s State Legislature seats. The popularity of that interview has led to the resurrection of the 21st Century Viking column. Whereas before, they were mainly observations about life in Ballard, I have been asked to do columns with a more political bent.

Here are the first of the new batch, a meditation on the 36th Legislative District general election race entitled “Two Candidates, No Choices.”

I will post links to some of my older columns soon.