People want to know about Our Lady of Kibeho!

If I’m going to figure out where this blog is going, I need to understand what was going on while I wasn’t paying attention to it.

According to the site analytics from 11/19/21 (the date of my last post) to today (4/1/2024), the most accessed page on the site was the last one posted, “Our Lady of Kibeho Novena Starts Today!” This page has accounted for 58% of all page views. If you add in the clicks on the Our Lady of Kibeho tag, which was 1.3% of all site page views, we’re up to almost 60% of the people who came here were looking for Our Lady of Kibeho content. I think the Blessed Virgin Mary is trying to tell me something!

20% of the remaining page views were to the main page of the blog, and those people would have seen this post. If we add those people in, that’s 80% of the site visitors who were exposed to the page.

Rounding out the Top 5, my out-of-date About page got 7%, my GoRuck Challenge experience post got 3.6%, and the Blog main page for 2.3%. My Portfolio page, which along with the About and Blog pages were links on the main menu, got 1.2%. The fourth link on the menu a permalink to my “Accidental Educator” blog post didn’t get any views.

Bottom Line: People haven’t been coming to my website to find out about me, but to find out about Nyina Wa Jambo!

Yes, Mother, I am listening. I will start researching and writing about your appearance in Kibeho, Rwanda. Please guide me as I write.