Ballard Terminal Railroad_09.20.2017

Today I was biking on the Burke-Gilman trail and I got to see the Ballard Terminal Railroad’s Lil’ Beaver engine coming down the line! Being an old school railfan, I hopped off my bike and started snapping pictures and videos. I also got to meet James and Kat (sp?), who were running the Lil’ Beaver.

I will write up more of this exciting event, but in the meantime, I promised to put a link up to my article that ran in the Ballard News-Tribune almost 9 years ago. The BN-T has been folded into another paper, but they still are hosting this story for now. Hopefully they also have some of my other classic articles and 21st Century Viking essays still online!

One thing at a time, however. Without further ado, here’s Ballard Terminal Railroad Delivers Local Freight!