Ballard light rail comments deadline is April 2nd!

I wanted to remind everyone in Ballard/East Ballard/West Woodland/Frelard that the deadline for submitting comments to Sound Transit regarding the options for the Salmon Bay Crossing and Ballard Station is Tuesday, April 2nd. Please use this link to submit your comments. I haven’t submitted my comments yet, but will post a copy after I submit them.

Kristin Doll’s flyer on telephone pole at 14th Ave NW and NW 60th St., 3/28/19

If you want to read a well-researched analysis of the three options that includes tons of great pictures and Sound Transit diagrams to put everything in perspective, please check out Kristin Doll’s blog post. Kristin is a neighbor who lives much closer to 14th Ave NW than we do and lays out a compelling case for why Sound Transit should go with the “Tunnel crossing/ Tunnel station at 15th” option. If you agree with her analysis (and I do) but you don’t have time to write a letter to Sound Transit, she has helpfully provided a form letter to use.

Kristin has done a great job promoting her post in the area around 14th. I can only hope that enough of our neighbors grasp what is happening right now and submit their comments in time. Will you?