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This page is a repository of links to the nearly 50 articles I wrote from 2007-13 for the Ballard News-Tribune, a local independently run newspaper. Founded in 1893, it’s print run was consolidated along with the other papers in the Robinson Newspapers portfolio into the Westside Weekly in 2013. The print edition of the Westside Weekly contains articles about Ballard and BN-T website continues (for now) to exist as an independent entity.

***UPDATE 11/7/19: A lot of these links are now broken. I will update this page with the Westside Weekly links that still work and see if I can find some old links, or failing that, perhaps scan some of the articles that made it into print so you don’t have to go mucking around on microfiche.***

If you just want to read my Top 5 articles, please check out my Portfolio page.

The articles below are listed in chronological order, have a bit of background on what was going on with me at the time and (hopefully) show the development of my writing style. In addition, nearly all of the articles that do have photos with them were taken by me.

In 2007, I decided to dip my toe into the waters of freelance writing. I started doing feature articles for the BN-T about local interesting businesses and people in the Ballard neighborhood, where I have lived since I arrived in Seattle.
Ballard Terminal Railroad Delivers Local Freight (which has been cited in a Wikipedia article about the Ballard Terminal Railroad!) ***11/7/19: Original link is dead; link to article
Alternative Comic Legend Calls Ballard Home
Bardahl Oil Celebrates 70 Years In Ballard   **Original link is dead; link to article*** 11/7/19- Proof of concept! I’ll copy the original links and update this page to the links. ***

21st Century Viking
The articles were well received and I was asked to contribute a regular online column along the same lines.
21st Century Viking-STORY TRUNCATED
What Happened To The Swedish-Finn Historical Society?- LINK MISSING
Ballard Deserves National Clout-LINK BROKEN
Is Sound Transit 2 Sound For Ballard?
Honoring Edith Macefield
The Viaduct, Ballard and You
An Ode To The Sea Captain
Walking Down Ballard Avenue
Some Streetcar Suggestions

Post Snow-pocalypse Thoughts
Does The Tunnel Cut Ballard Out?
Why Fisherman’s Terminal Matters ***11/8/19: Link recovered!***
Be Local, Buy Ballard ***11/8/19: Link recovered!***
Archie McPhee, We Hardly Knew Ye ***11/8/19: Link recovered!***
The Importance Of Being Involved
Two Too Many Red Light Cameras In Ballard
The Homeless In Bergen Place Aren’t The Problem
Shopping and eating local
Get to know Port leaders
Sunset Bowl, one year later
The Rise of the Comic is at Arcane Comics and More
All hail the cherry blossom tree
When the big one comes to Ballard
Being prepared could save your life and others
A parade in Ballard
Corners Park a model for neighborhoods
Let’s go to the (Ballard branch) library
Ballard’s curb gardens
A murder in our neighborhood
Biking the Missing Link
A report from the Finnish Summer Festival
Leave our post office alone
Answering McGinn’s three questions

Welcome to Stumbletown
Ballard: Come shopping, but don’t hang out
Who or what is SALWT?
Government overreached with monkey tree fine
Time for some Missing Link leadership

After a hiatus during my last year of graduate school, I revived the column in 2012, but was asked to do more political articles. I had so much fun and personal satisfaction from doing these articles that it rekindled my desire to become a freelance writer.

Coffee With The Candidates: Ryan Gabriel Promises To Bring “Fiscal Sanity” to Olympia
Two Candidates, No Choices

I was one of the few Seattle journalists that covered the 2012 8th District Congressional race between 11-term Congressman Jim McDermott (D) and UW law professor Ron Bemis (R). Here is the three-part series of my campaign coverage:
Why McDermott Must Debate Bemis
McDermott debates…but not with the right person
Mc Dermott, Medved Put on Educational Debate

What Is The Coal Train Controversy Really About?

Digging Deeper Into The Coal train Controversy
Vote No On The School Levies
What Happened to Sunset Bowl?
This article was featured in the 3/18/13 edition of The Daily Troll, an aggregation of the most interesting Seattle-area stories of the day as picked by the editors of
What Would Joseph Coolidge Say?
Goodbye, Viking Tavern!

I have not written anything for the Ballard News-Tribune since May 2013, but you never know when I may pick up the keyboard for them once again!
One of these days, I may get my act together and collect and publish these columns while I still can. I also have the which I need to do something with.

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