Video Scripts

Writing a script for a video is akin to writing a haiku: you have to compress a story into a short amount of time so every word must have meaning and clearly convey the idea. If the script doesn’t convey your story in a clear and compelling manner, it won’t matter if you have great graphics or have Brad Pitt in the lead role- people will click on another video.

Over 15 Years of Video Production Experience

I have been involved in film and video production in some fashion since 1997. I received my film degree from Emerson College in Boston, MA in 1999. After graduation, I founded Athena Associates, a video production company.

Athena Associates made training and promotional videos and also shot events such as weddings. I worked with my clients from beginning to end through the entire production process to understand the story that they wanted to tell.

In 2004, I closed Athena Associates after five years when I moved to Los Angeles, but film and video have never been far from my mind. While in the MSIM program and after graduation, I worked for Corelytics, a financial dashboard SaaS. I made several videos for them explaining the features of their product including this one, entitled Corelytics Financial Dashboard Demo.

I also wrote, directed and edited videos for Term Management, a taxonomy consulting firm.


Reusing Parent and Child Terms in the same Term Set: This video that shows users of SharePoint 2010 a cool trick you can use when you are forced to use the same word twice in a taxonomy.

Utilizing the Items Matching a Tag Web Part in SharePoint 2013: An overview of the functionality of a new feature in SharePoint 2013.

Corelytics Financial Dashboard Demo: An overview of the main features of Corelytics, a financial dashboard SaaS.

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