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21st Century Viking: What Would Joseph Coolidge Say?

My latest article for the Ballard News-Tribune was published a few hours after I posted the second part of my watertown_4.19.13 series. I submitted the editorial under a different title but it turned out that both the post and the

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Watertown_4.19.13, Part II: What Would Joseph Coolidge Say?

On April 19th, 1775, Joseph Coolidge of Watertown, MA died at the Battle of Lexington. According to an account by one of his descendants, Austin J. Coolidge: “When the alarm came on April 19, 1775, he is said to have

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Watertown_4.19.13, Part I

The capture of one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings (and the death of the other) has focused the attention of the world on the East End neighborhood of Watertown, Massachusetts. The gunfight in the early hours of

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